4 Tech Tips for Parents to Embrace Digital Education

Learning the ins and outs of the latest technology is a lot like learning to swim or ride a bike: The younger you are,indexzzzzzz the more naturally it comes. This is troubling news for parents who already feel two steps behind their digitally savvy children.

While assisting with traditional school work poses enough challenges, parents now need to help their children build wikis and solve math problems on iPad apps. As schools shift toward online platforms and E-learning devices, tech-challenged parents may feel intimidated.

The good news is that keeping up with the digital pace is as simple as starting a conversation, says Monica Vila, founder and “chief technology mom” of The Online Mom, a website focused on helping parents embrace technology. “You’re never behind the curve as a parent completely if you’re involved,” Vila says.

Vila and other tech-savvy parents and educators offer some advice to keep up with your child’s technology, while also keeping your family safe from digital traps.

1. Show and tell: If your child is using a device, program, or website

Do Computers Die Of Old Age?

Nothing lasts forever, not even electronics. “People assume electronic components will not age,” says Biancacomputer_deathzz Schroeder, a computer scientist at the University of Toronto. Without moving parts, electronics seem unlikely to wear out. Yet even a standard memory module comprising little more than a capacitor and a transistor can begin to dodder. “It’s kind of surprising, but most of the computer components I look at show signs of aging,” Schroeder says.

Still, system-reliability experts know relatively little about components’ life spans in the wild. “We don’t have much data,” Schroeder admits. “People usually don’t run their computers long enough to find out if they die.” Not to mention, manufacturers don’t like to publish failure rates from their in-house product tests, and according to Schroeder, “they have no knowledge of how these components behave in the field.” Lab testing environments rarely match the physical jostling, temperature swings, and dust accumulation of the real world.

A few facts are known. In 2014, software engineer Brian Beach put out reliability stats for Backblaze, a data-storage company that runs 35,000 disk drives at all times. He found that

An Internet Map To Rule Them All

Despite the fact that we use it every day, most of us don’t really know where the Internet comes from or how itimageszzz works. Hint: it’s not magic, and it’s not exactly a ‘series of tubes’.

In a paper that was presented at the Sigcomm conference this summer, researchers have put together a fuller picture of the physical internet–the cell towers, routers, switches, and fiber-optic cables that make the World Wide Web work. They ended up creating the first detailed, public map of Internet infrastructure.

Sure, you could just go to Comcast’s website to see where its network coverage is, but the maps that have been available so far have been either far less detailed or decentralized.

The researchers combined data from companies like Comcast and Verizon with data from the Internet Atlas project, and then added in information found in public records to build a U.S. map of the long-haul fiber-optic wired Internet–which is the static underlying infrastructure that connects cities across the country. The amount of data combing and combining they did is impressive, to say the least.

Facebook Unveils ‘Dislike’ Button, in The Form of 6 Emojis

Facebook unveils ‘dislike’ button

Those days are gone, where you dono how to react for a post you see/for a share from your friends, those days are gone where you search for the proper emoji, that is matching your reaction/emotions, Yes, Facebook has finally unveiled its ‘dislike’ button, but there is a twist in it. There is no dislike button as such, but it is in the form of six different types of emojis, which represent Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry emo.

Zuckerberg (CEO of FB) said for a long time that the feature wouldn’t be integrated in the “dislike” button that many people had asked for, and that users wanted so much that it has spawned its own scams. Since that could be used for bullying and might make users feel bad, the site was exploring ways for people to communicate that they were upset without being explicitly negative.

Facebook’s way of doing that seems to be a series of expressive “reactions”, rather than exactly replicating the Like button. That button is still available, but the new buttons sit alongside the regular thumbs up as extra options.

As with the Like button, the reactions will appear on any post in the

Keep Your Car Battery Corrosion free Know How

Is your car battery getting corroded? Have you ever thought why this occurs? Then you must know that the performance and life span of a car battery get degraded due to corrosion. You can find colored fuzzy build up on the terminal of a car battery. This is actually called corrosion. If the corrosion gets increased, then you can see this fuzz turns into a white or bluish layer. Who does not want to get rid of such corrosion and prolong the battery’s life? If you go through this article, you will come to know what to follow while cleaning or preventing its corrosion.

It is essential to buy quality car battery to enjoy a smooth driving experience. But your responsibility does not end here. You need to take proper precautions to prevent corrosion and maintain the automotive cell you own to have flawless performance for a long time. Below some tips have been mentioned to help you in keeping your car battery free from mild and heavy corrosion.

If you want to keep your battery free from mild corrosion, then follow these steps at home –

  • Take a cup of water, mixed with

Buy Sulphur Nanopowder to Know How Beneficial It Is

When the science stream developed years ago, scientists started experimenting with new chemicals in order to create many more chemicals to be used for various purposes. However, not all scientists knew that their created chemicals would create such expansion for the people. Now, it has become very easy for the people to perform in every field of the work. Whether someone is cooking, or someone is teaching or working in the industries, chemicals play a vital role in their job.

Every chemical has different properties which are usable in different categories of work. Not all properties are similar; they differ in terms of colour, structure, size, composition and sometimes in shape as well. There are many scientists who buy sulphur nanopowder as it has made many developments possible not just at the personal level, but in terms of commercial purpose as well.

Why should one buy sulphur nanopowder?

Sulphur nano sized compounds or powders are such elements which are used in multi purposes including in medicines, cosmetics, garment industries, agriculture and many more. There are lots of advantages of using sulphur powder, some of them are mentioned below.

The powder is used in dyes,

The Land of Rising Bio Energy Source

Solar energy system is source of free electricity generation but producing them is highly energy- extensive process. One of the biggest challenges in producing this free electricity is lowlight hours and hazy skies. Country like Germany is biggest manufacture of solar power in Europe as per gross domestic product but focusing on country like Bulgaria we see that Bulgaria produces 4 times as much as their domestic product toward solar which is extremely huge.

Bulgaria was the leader in Eastern Europe in design and fabrication of solar thermal installations. 66% of technical Bulgarian solar potential belongs to active solar thermal energy systems. During the last 10 years Bulgaria faces the rapid price hike in electricity, liquid fuels and heat. The major solar cells are installed in public and industrial buildings. Bulgaria sustained not only solar energy system but chances of wind mills across Varna and Bourgas is also very higher for generation of free electricity.


As said, there are two major bio-energy sources, wind and solar but if we keep them aside we will see Bulgaria has enormous cattle farms including the wastes coming out

Enjoy Enhanced Customization Features With Alienware Alpha Hivemind Interface

In earlier days, advanced PC users assembled various computer hardware parts to create a custom laptop that can efficiently fulfill their gaming requirements. But, it is not the case now. Since, most of the OEMs are coming up with top gaming laptops and PC gaming consoles, enjoying your favorite gaming content is becoming easier than before. A lot of PC experts and hard-core gamers believe that playing games after returning home from a tiring day can keep you fresh and stress-free. The custom-made Alpha user Interface (UI) has several problems and may compel you to experience performance glitches while playing your favorite games. Therefore, Dell has come up with ‘Hivemind’ Interface to empower your gaming, entertainment, and regular computing requirements with great speed and efficiency.

Read the article below to know more about the important features of this new Alpha UI and learn how you can customize it to enjoy a better gaming environment:

All You Must Know About the New User Interface (UI)

The Alienware Alpha PC gaming console is popular for its design, solid performance, and access to Steam’s Library. But, a lot of users have complaints regarding the original Alpha user interface